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Navigating Your Sea

This dark room
became endless
the moment we closed our eyes

every kiss you
leave on my skin
is like a drop of melting ice

every taste of
yours I get
reinforce my
ease, comfort,
the force
comes after
like a storm
or fire
like a whisper
comes in forms
of moans and
fun and anger
collapse, adjourned
for moments
while our bodies
conform to
desire, your form
is contorted
and I resort
to your thighs
like I’m holding
the ropes to a sail
and we’re floating the highs
and lows like a boat
and you’re steering us
straight for disaster
to thunder and lightning
drowning our bodies
in bubbles and tides high
currents deep enough to
lose our footing so we slide
into each other, like floods
we are consumed in the water
in the motions and moves
of two lovers, it’s beautiful
war as our bodies compete
for a truce
as our speed tops
and your jaw drops
and your eyes roll
and your moans stop
and the pitch of your voice
peaks and my hips
seek one final
lone thrust

comes from feeding
your lust.


Art by This Guy

capturing chaos

I’ve got words just grinding through my skull, the thirst for rhyming is absurd but I’m sure that if I resist my chest with just burst, my ribs will go first, popping out like tics out of fur, that shit’s sure to hurt but what exists is no cure, I mean no cure exists, these words are ripped out and reorganized like hits on a playlist, I’m struggling to admit that my writing’s shit, but I’m far too cocky so I persist in my efforts to match letters that fit together and spell out wit and pleasure or exist just to rhyme and turn and twist my piece into something it isn’t, keep on track, but keep a rhythm, maintain the proper algorithm, that word’s cheating because I’m just repeating the same meaning and it’s things like that that make me feel like revealing the fact that I’m reeling in hindsight, deleting the meaning in favor for stealing a rhyme, the words need to sound similar so I’m keying rewind, I try and retry, I want to write poetry, die don’t resign, I want to be brilliant like Tes or Einstein, no numbers, just letters will lead me to mine, no slumber I’ll sleep when my six feet are assigned, so I’ll write and rewrite, till my cranium is fried, I’ll continue to align words till my fingers won’t comply, till arthritis takes its toll and makes them look like the roots of a pine, I’ll keep trying to capture the prefaces that settle in the crevices of my mind.

Here’s another piece

Here’s another piece to release these urges to produce, to increase the lease your patience has insured me, to assure myself that sure I’ll sell once my words are all collected and my book will hit the shelves. Here’s another piece I’ve written just to appease my own insecurities, my introverted pleas to the internet exploiting my weakness when it comes to seeking acceptance. Here’s another piece with words that rhyme at least a little if you read them fast enough and forgive the fact that all I’ve done is wasted sixteen seconds of your life.

How To Be Brilliant

I want to be brilliant,
Words that stand the test of time;
I want to be worth millions,
But not in dollars, just in feelings,
I want to summon things in you,
That never yet had a meaning,
I want you to perceive the world differently,
By the time you finish reading.

I want to scribble perfection,
Words with no purpose other than to surface a reaction,
I want to be the reason you discover your attraction,
To every character I create, because you can relate,
To their actions.

I want to be the greatest,
An author with enough talent to be hated,
I want to be the best,
If only I could get the words from my cranium,
To connect to the ones in my chest.

Shepherd To My Comfort


Words burst from my brain,
Thirst for verses disperse through my veins,
Alphabet poisoning, now I’m insane,
I’m penning my thoughts on the face of a page,
Relentlessly pressing the words from my rage,
Compressed and regressed but their worth stays the same,
And call it coincidence that it rhymes with your name.
But rage boils down and pain falters,
Walls once put up, suddenly crumble,
Look at your eyes, look at your face,
Look at the void that once took your place,
Look at the want, look at the grace,
Your blood is the antidote to the poison in my veins.
I can’t stay angry, not even for a second,
Your smile cures all the insecurities present.

And then just like that,
The pain goes away.
You’re the shepherd to my comfort,
When it has fallen astray.