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Update On Training

I’ve found new ways to kill myself. Five miles in 50 minutes and to really kick myself in the balls I did 10-15 burpees at each stoplight. No break. I don’t care what your standards are because for me it feels like my ribs have splintered off and are stabbing me in the heart. Hell.

But then a shower and recovery burgers and I begin to feel like there’s a thousand endorphins sucking my dick. I’m eating protein bars the way I used to breathe air. Tearing through calories like Goku. I feel ready for the Spartan Run, even if I’m not.


Writing when your body is exhausted feels right. I was really on one today, wrote a lengthy piece for the Crusade. Prompt was Popcorn. If you’re training your attention stamina the way I’m training my physical stamina go on, read it for a great workout.

That’s it. Updated.