Notice of Eviction

Nowadays this blog catches strays and wanderers unintentionally, like long forgotten trash drifting in the ocean traps birds and turtles and, I’m not sure but can only assume, the occasional merman.

For those wanderers, a forewarning, this is abandoned real estate. You are each of you squatters in a forgotten jumble of html’s. I have not died in real life, yet, but visiting this blog feels like I left something behind and it feels unfinished. I meant for that, I meant to abandon it the way you leave dogs on the street after they’ve grown old and boring, avoiding any correspondence and moving onward to my next project.

But I’m drawn back here, still, just like you rando’s, stumbling upon an old page using an arbitrary combination of tags.

Unfortunately, I’m already balls deep in my next project and feel no inclination to continue this and that, both. So here’s a secret link, the only one connecting both. I started it with the hopes of being less authentic and more broadly accepted but old habits are hard to break.



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